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by Lee Porter 19. August 2014 21:44

Having dispersed information across the business is unhelpful.  Each employee has a different way of recording information and interpreting it.  Employee come and go and the replacement has to find and understand the previous employees records.  Three good reasons why it is better to centralise your efforts.

Our software allows everyone to record their information in one place with the same rules and management processes as each other.  It is better to have one available pot of information than a selection of spreadsheets, wall planners, notebooks and memories.

Employee files via our software rather than Email

by Lee Porter 19. August 2014 20:52

Our software can be used to store the Employee document or make it available for the employee to read.  Either way it is a far better solution than that of email.  Firstly there is no certainty that an email has been read, even if the read reciept is requested it doesn't have to be sent by the recipient of the email.  Even with that sent there is no confirmation that the attachments on the email have been read.

Emails are notorious for being lost in transit, either before they reach their destination in spam filters or sent to the wrong address or missed in the volumes of emails that everyone recieves or deleted or mis-filed in the wrong email folder.  Even if the email arrives in the inbox it soon disapears off the first page.  Emails are not the registered post they once were.

Our software does use emails as notifications and alerts but their purpose is to direct the recipient to the system rather than impart too much information there and then.  For one reason the email is out of date as soon as it leaves our servers.  The only up to date information is in the software.

Our general premise is that an action takes place by one or more employees and when another employee logs in those actions are waiting and can be further actioned or completed.  You should think of our software as the pot of information that everyone can dip in to (securely and with proper access permissions).  When someone else logs in there may be a leave request waiting, an accident report to complete, a training course request to organise and so on.

Documents follow the same approach.   Documents are uploaded to our secure servers and are available for the employee to read as and when they are able to.  Your Company Handbook, guidance during Apprisals or Location information for training courses is on hand in an available location.  In short its available to refer to when it is needed.

Our software quietly keeps track of who has read which documents and when so in the case of an employee not seeing a memo or a revision to the handbook, you can check.

Emails simply do not offer the same access, controls, security or availability as we can offer. 

Equality and Diversity Module

by Lee Porter 15. July 2014 15:11

Keeping this information can be time consuming but We makes it easy to capture.  The questions and possible answers, which are available to edit and add to, are only available to your employees.  The reporting of this information is at a company level.  This is particularly important as the answers to these questions are often very personal.  The questions cover length of service, age, sex, Ethnicity, Disability, sexual orientation and religion.


Document Management Module

by Lee Porter 15. July 2014 15:11

This module weaves its way through the entire system allowing you to upload the relevant documents/originals directly against the records they support.  Documents can also be uploaded for a particular employee (such as their terms of employment) and furthermore company wide documents can be made available to everyone (such as Company Handbooks).  A complete log is kept of when someone opens a document and security is provided for private documents.  This module is active on all accounts but with a small amount of storage to allow for testing which can be increased. NOTE: 0.5Gb can hold around 2500 PDF documents.  [READ MORE] 



ToDo Module

by Lee Porter 15. July 2014 15:11

A number of other modules utilise the ToDo system to raise tasks and keep track of jobs but enabling this module allows you free rein to issue tasks to yourself, your colleagues or a department.  Others have to accept tasks (or reject them which can then be re-issued to someone else by the originator).  They can also be returned to the originator, when set as complete, to be signed off or to trigger the next step.



In/Out Module

by Lee Porter 15. July 2014 15:10

Our In/Out module can let employees record their whereabouts making a today's out report available to all staff which includes leave and sickness information.  There is also the benefit of an online punch clock offering complete time and attendance information.  This can be combined with a wall-mounted punch clock to allow punches at a point of entry to your business locations with cards or fobs.



Disciplinary and Grievance Module

by Lee Porter 15. July 2014 15:10
Dealing with the employee disciplinary and grievance process is a complex area often requiring legal knowledge and representation and this is one of the main areas where legal advice is crucial.

One of the essential requirements of this complex process is ensuring that your record keeping of incidents, staff meetings,  investigations etc. are accurately maintained. This is where the program can provide invaluable assistance guiding you through the process and recording each event in as much detail as is necessary and provide a clear recorded history of each dispute.

Access to these records are securely restricted to only authorised personnel who need access or to personnel who are required to add to the investigation, e.g. to provide witness statements and then only to the relevant  parts of the program.


Training Module

by Lee Porter 15. July 2014 15:09

A training management system that allows you to list available courses for your employees to undertake should they need or require further training .  Additional controls can be added, e.g. making courses mandatory such as induction training or by job title to accommodate your training requirements.

This program will record all training undertaken by your employees, if and when they need to be up dated and record and ensure all employees undertake all training specific  to them and/or  their role within your company.



Appraisals Module

by Lee Porter 15. July 2014 15:09

The software can take your existing appraisals and issue them to your staff/managers for completion online.  The system provides employee development plans and objectives for review at  the next appraisal. The appraisal can be printed off for 1-2-1s and can be digitally signed off for future reference.

New starter/leaver questionnaires and other forms can also be added. 



New document/file management system

by Lee Porter 6. July 2014 15:00

Document management system

We have added a smart and reliable system that allows for files and documents to be uploaded against their relevant records or for an individual.

Files such as xls, pdf and doc and others can be uploaded to all staff (such as a Company Handbook), for a specific employee (such as a Contract of Employment) or to support other information (such as an employees passport or the certificate for a training course).  All files can log their downloads to show who has read them and when, with a report to show this information at Admin > Files > Download Access logs. All files will keep track of their versions and clearly present the latest version and the software will keep historical files for compliance purposes.  No documents will be deleted - only replaced with the newer version.


Client Admins can upload files (Admin > Files > Files (dropdown) > Add...) under the existing categories (such as Company Handbook) that will then be available to staff at My Details > Files > Company.  An email should be sent if the file is to be viewed rather than being uploaded for availability purposes only.  The access logs will let you know who has seen the file.


Personal documents such as Contract of employment or Letter of engagement can be transferred by Client Admins, Group Managers and the employee themselves. 

Client Admin:

Go to People > employee name > Files

Group Managers

Go to My Details > Groups > Employee name > Files


Go to My Details > Files > Personal Company. 

**These areas are protected and must be unlocked to access them.**


Furthermore supporting documents can be added to specific records with in the software.  For instance uploading a scanned copy of an employees passport or insurance documents on the Work Documents page for a member of staff.  While we have added some of the types of documents you might consider adding others against a particlar record, and you can do so by going to Admin > Files -> 'Bulk File Headers - Add New'.  For instance you could select Salary and add a salary review document or add a new personal document such as the employees dimensions for their company uniforms.

In addition to the above, templates can also be added to support a process that requires written letters or information that can't be collected from the system alone.  These can be added on the Admin > Files > Add... page or from the modules that they belong and the first example of this will be the disciplinary and grievance module that is soon to be made available.

All files are stored on our secure file server and within your own client folder for added security and clear seperation of data.  The system automatically creates a folder heirachy depending on the class of files being uploaded, e.g. Sick notes, training certificates etc.  All files are backed up on a daily basis.

The document management system comes ready to use with 10MB of storage which is enough to test with or to add your high level documents such as your Company Handbooks.  If you want to upload documents to specific staff or to support other information you will want to increase your storage.  See below for pricing:

10MB 0.5GB 1GB 2GB
Free £99 £179 £299

All prices are charged annually and subject to VAT at 20%

System documents such as upload templates are also available to support the system but these do not count against your allocated storage.

For further information please contact Lee Porter on 02891823001

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