Work Documents and the super filter

by Lee Porter 11. June 2014 14:45

A range of important documents can be recorded in the Work Document area such as Drivers License, MOTs, insurance, Passport and Visas.  Each one with an expiry date.

When looking at your list of People the Super Filter (in the search area) can look for any Work Document that are expired, expiring in 8 weeks or 4 weeks and just show any people it finds.  The date(s) that meet the Super Filters criteria are highlighted in red, orange or yellow to clearly show the offending document and the urgency of its renewal.

Employee notes

by Lee Porter 17. March 2014 11:30

You can capture notes for an employee at People > Employee Name > Person (dropdown) > Work/Edit


Access and permissions

by Lee Porter 6. March 2014 09:58

We protect your information in a number of ways.  Firstly the site role give minimal (User), senior management (Management) and Administrative (Client Admin) access to the site. 

Welcome emails are only sent when you are ready to do so.  If the user doesn't receive a Welcome email then they can not login in. 

Line managers of groups can automatically see and manage the employees in their group, even if they are minimal users.

Furthermore Functionality Roles can be given to minimal users to extend their access into the specific areas that they need to see.

Change your Sickness Types

by Lee Porter 5. March 2014 16:12
Sometimes your sickness types that are included in your site by default might need to be changed and now you can by going to Admin > System Functionality > Sickness > Sickness Types.  from here you can add new sickness categories and edit and remove existing ones.

Create an Admin for a Group

by Lee Porter 24. February 2014 11:00

To create an Admin for a group go to the person you want to be the Admin by going to People > employee name > Person (dropdown) > Work and change their Home group to the Group that you want them to be the Admin for and submit.  Then return to the Home Group area and remove the tick in 'Remove Old Group' and change the Home group back to what it was - the Managers real home group - and submit.  Now go to Groups in the top menu (the groups of this employee).  Here you need to change the 'Role in group' for the group they are an Admin from Member to Admin which you can do by clicking the link.

If you want the admin to receive the same emails as the Manager does then go to Admin > Settings > Email > Email Settings and type #AllAdminsNotMgr# into 'Inc CC Any Excluding Approval' and then click on the 'Moved to' link under Sickness an add the same text in the field 'Email Failover - Alt Admin CC'

#AllAdminsNotMgr# in the CC fields for sickness and leave will copy the same emails sent to the Groups Manager to any Admins setup in the Group. 

Cancelling Sickness

by Lee Porter 20. February 2014 12:56
If you haven't added an Actual Return to work date (and the status is still Initial report or updated report) then you can remove it by finding it on the list of sicknesses on the Dashboard and clicking the Sickness Reference to open it.  You will find a Remove button at the bottom of the Sickness.

If the Return to work date has been added then you will need to Kill it.  To do this you will need to know which employee was sick and the numerical part of the sickness reference (e.g. SR001234 = 1234).  Then go to Admin > System Functionality > Sickness > Kill Record.

Adding a new Year in your Calendars

by Lee Porter 28. January 2014 22:47

Go to Admin > Settings > Calendars > Your Calendars and choose the 'Working Year' Calendar.  From this page you will see a list of the years at the bottom (e.g. 2011 - 2014).  To add 2015 you should change the 'Num periods' from 4 to 5 and Submit.  This will add another year to the list at the bottom of the page.  Then you should check to see that the new year includes all the appropriate Bank Holidays.  You can do this by clicking on the Period name for 2015.

This is the only required yearly task but doing it about now for the next year is a good idea.  Obviously you could add a few years by changing it to 7 for instance but if you go to far ahead the Bank Holidays won't be added automatically (so you'll have to do this yourself) and this is a good way to restrict leave being booked too far into the future before you've added rules for that year or mandatory leave etc.

Base Leave Entitlement Vs Leave Years

by Lee Porter 28. January 2014 22:26

The base leave entitlement is recorded for an employee at People > Employee name > Person (dropdown) > Work and at the bottom of the page is the field for the Base Leave Entitlement.

add) OR just add an adjustment to bring it in line with the Base leave entitlement.  To Recreate the leave year for someone go to People > Employee name > Leave (dropdown) > leave Years > 2014 and either add an adjustment or just tick the Recreate checkbox and click the Recreate Button. NOTE: You should recreate a leave year after updating the Base Leave Entitlement otherwise the newly added leave year will be added with the same base leave entitlement figure as it was previously.

To recap the Base leave entitlement field just keeps a record of the employees first year entitlement.  This figure should be without any adjustments for the new starter deductions (as the software will do this automatically). When the first and subsiquent Leave Years are created it will look to the Base entitlement to find how much to add. 

Changes to a particular year can be done to the leave year with an adjustment. 

Better access to Return to work and sickness analysis records

by Lee Porter 17. January 2014 10:58

When a Return to Work interview has been recorded you can now access it by going to People > employee name > Sickness.

Process to change the leave year

by Lee Porter 8. January 2014 10:31

The process to change the leave year is as follows.

1.  Change the leave year

    a) If the leave year is the same for everyone you can update it by going to Admin > Settings > Your Defaults and find 'Leave starts on' and change the date.  The year in this choice is irrelevant, just the day and month.

  b)  If the leave year is different for each employee (e.g. birthday, start date etc) then go to People > employee1,2,3,etc > Person (dropdown) > Work and update the Leave starts on to 'Personal Cycle from date entered' and set the leave Starts on to the appropriate date.

2. Create the leave years

This will create any 2014 leave years that current don't exist.  Go to Admin > System Functionality > Leave > Leave Cycles > Bulk Process Adjustments (This year)

3. Check which years had already been created with the wrong start date

Go to Reports > Leave > Users leave > Cycles to see which employees have a wrong leave year with the wrong start date and highlight them

4. Remove and replace with a correct leave year

Go to People > employee with wrong leave year > leave (dropdown) > Leave Years > Current year (e.g. 2014) and Reset the year by ticking the Recreate tickbox and clicking the Recreate button.  This will remove the current leave year and replace it with the new one.

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