Do you need MyWebWorkplace?

by Lee Porter 26. November 2010 14:58

If you employ a number of staff on a permanent or part time basis, in one or many locations/countries and they accrue a holiday allowance that they can use by requesting time off from their line manager or HR then MyWebWorkplace would streamline this entire area for you ensuring secure, accurate and most importantly consistant leav and sickness records. 

The approver makes their decision based on your company policy whether or not it can be approved and once approved get recorded on to the leave calender.  You may also allow the basic holiday allowance to increase depending on length of service, have any number of policies that are checked before approval or ultiple locations each with different approvers and policies to implement.  MyWebWorkplace can manage all this and far more.  Contact us to discuss your needs. New features

by Lee Porter 7. April 2010 13:28

A mid month highlight of a few interesting and powerful additions to

  1. Sickness triggers sends an alert email to a list of email addresses when predefined Bradford Factor levels are reached for an employee found in Admin > Settings > Email > Sickness
  2. A current Medical condition can be recorded for an employee and is included on the alert email found in People > name > sickness > Medical condition
  3. Bradford factor ranges and the consequence can be adjusted in Admin > Settings > Lookup Tables > Bradford Factor Ranges
  4. New Report: Annual Leave report found in Reports > Holiday/Leave > User Leave (defaults to all employees showing the next 5 weeks)

We will continue to strive to make even better.

Thank you for your support and suggestions. New features

by Lee Porter 23. March 2010 10:52

Another busy month working on new features for, many of which have been suggested by our clients.

  1. Specific Absence Types can be switched on and off to allow your employees to book to them
  2. New absence types (with associated rules) are available and include appointments and offsite working
  3. New rules available: minimum duration of absence request for a particular absence type (e.g. 0.5 days)
  4. New rules available: Maximum duration of absence request in the leave year (e.g 8 off site working days, 1 birthday)
  5. Bulk approval of leave requests that have not conflicted with any leave rules
  6. All employees who leave your employment will continue to be available in People > Leavers
  7. Better control of entitlement adjustments in People > employee name > Leave years, including summary of change in hours
  8. If a request becomes unable to be approved (due to a rule conflict) after it has been submitted for approval, the manager can now reject it but not approve it
  9. People > employee name > Holiday/leave now shows both current leave (i.e. in the future or outstanding) and completed leave (i.e. in the past or canceled/rejected/withdrawn)
  10. To use the 'Remember me for a day' feature on the login page, add as a shortcut or bookmark, and use this to navigate back to the site.  Do not logout or go to as this will fry the security cookie that keeps you logged in.  If you need to login, MyWebWorkplace will take you to the login page automatically
  11. Mandatory Leave can now be added after the leave year has been created (NOTE: any new Mandatory days added must not be immediately next to an existing one)
  12. New Reports section on the left hand menu: initial reports are included in people and Holiday/leave.  More reports to come.
  13. New Directory section on the left hand menu: Company locations can be added in Admin > Locations/Contacts and then assigned to each employee in People > employee name > Edit > Work location.  Employee Company Phone and Mobile contact information can also be added here.  The directory is fully searchable by name, group and location
  14. Minor bug fixes

We will continue to strive to make even better.  If you know any businesses that would benefit from MyWebWorkplace please tell them about us.

Thank you for your support and suggestions. New features

by Lee Porter 4. March 2010 22:01

Once again it is time for a long list of improvements that we have been busy making to MyWebWorkplace to ensure it's the best online absence management system on the market.

  1. Better email controls.  All emails can be turned on and off as required or just the leave or sickness one independently of each other.  This is a useful feature to use while adding leave and sickness that has occurred prior to setting up your MWWP site.
  2. Your managers can choose to not receive their email notifications of leave awaiting approval or sickness information and can choose a colleague to receive them instead.  If no alternative has been selected the system will hunt down the best alternative based on either the top admin user in their group, any admin in their group, any admin most closely related in the company or a specified email address.  The emails can also be CC'd to any of the above.
  3. Work patterns show the employees who are associated to them and those employees (individually or in groups) can be reassigned to another work pattern in just a few clicks.
  4. The reseller/partner portal has been improved with more controls and personalised sign up and login URLs.
  5. Groups and Areas are now hierarchical giving better permission controls and reporting facilities.
  6. More control when adding an entitlement adjustment.
  7. Links from the leave approval screen to employee and group information including quick access to the employees group calendar.
  8. More absence rules available to help manage leave requests.
  9. Annual increments (or annual service day awards) are calculated based on days or minutes to be added and any service year and now also percentages of base entitlement to calculate the number of days to be added.
  10. Draft leave requests are available to view in the Admin area.
  11. Minor bug fixes and usability improvements

The future of MyWebWorkplace is exciting, moving to manage more HR and operational areas of your business with the same care and attention as you have come to expect from us. New features

by Lee Porter 22. January 2010 15:24

We have been busy working on new features for absence management, many of which have been suggested by our clients.

  1. Postpone delivery of welcome emails to new users: Being able to delay the sending of the welcome emails enables new clients to setup their system before allowing their staff to access it.  It also allows new employees in the future to be added to the system prior to the new employees email account being setup. Admin > Settings > Delayed Emails
  2. We have added more countries and their calendars to MyWebWorkplace, enabling access from 67 different countries. Admin > Settings >Lookup tables > Country codes
  3. We have added controls to manage each country’s time zones. Admin > Settings >Lookup tables > Time zones
  4. We have extended the life of the verification email sent to new employees from 3 to 28 days
  5. We have simplified the first login process for new employees
  6. We have added a new help facility directly to the system.  Once logged in, anyone can use it by going to HELP > Ask for help
  7. Help can also be requested by emailing
  8. A message can be displayed to all users as they log in by going to Admin > Settings

We will continue to strive to make even better.  If you know any businesses that would benefit from MyWebWorkplace please tell them about us.

Thank you for your support and suggestions. standards

by Lee Porter 21. December 2009 14:10 is built with the same exacting [some might say fanatical] attention to detail as any other software we develop. 

We make no functional distinction between and the software we design for a large Plc's or multi-national's.  It has always been our intention to create a high spec, low cost business process automation software for any company and now we are!

We don't take this task lightly.  We maintain the highest levels of security both in our business procedures and in our code and ensure that our software is delivered using the most appropriately specified servers.  In the case of MyWebWorkplace that means servers which, by our calculations will be wholly capable of delivering many 10's of 000's of clients.  Each client has their own backend database (where most of the processing goes on), so if necessary we could move databases across to other servers to balance the load. We have a dedicated team of enthusiastic professionals focused on building and delivering goal is to provide businesses from all disciplines in all countries, with a superior, versatile, reliable and professional online tool to help them manage their business better...and it has started with leave and sickness management.

A big Christmas thank you to our newest clients

by Lee Porter 18. December 2009 15:54 - Absence Management has smashed all expectation after it was released on the 7th December 2009.  Needless to say we are extremely pleased to see it being so well received after working so hard to develop and test it over the last year.

For those of you who don't know, MyWebWorkplace is a powerful business process automation system.  Being a self service system, all your employees have permission based access to complete the many mundane and costly procedures that fill our business lives.

MyWebWorkplace will be a multi modular system, each of which will focus on a specific business area.  Right now we have developed the answer to ineffective absence management which manages all aspects of leave & sickness in your business.  In the near future we will be bringing expense, time-sheet and project management and each of these will be available separately so you can pick and choose the ones that suit you.

It's free to sign up and take a look for yourself.  You can even add up to 3 employees to test its compatibility with your own processes.  Just go to and register for your free trial.  You will get access immediately.

As a special thank you to all our current clients and any future ones that sign up before the end of March 2010 we would like to offer you 6 months free use of MyWebWorkplace - absence management.  This is a great opportunity to see for yourself what it can do for your business. Just register at htp:// as normal and follow the guidance in the getting started guide below.  It couldn't be easier.  If you have any questions you can always contact our friendly and brilliant support team on 0844 736 1820 ext 2.

mwwp Getting Started.pdf (624.12 kb)

6 Day until launch of MyWebWorkplace: Absence Management

by Lee Porter 1. December 2009 09:50

There's just 6 more days until we officially launch our online Business Automation software -  We are kicking things off with an incredibly powerful and adaptable absence and leave management system designed for small to medium sized businesses.

Great things are being built here and there's more to come - all designed to help your business be more productive, reduce admin, improve efficiency and promote better teamwork.

Create your MyWebWorkplace account before the 7th December and get your first year absolutely free for your whole company.  Remember to create the account and add as many licences as you need before the deadline.

MyWebWorkplace Video Overview Available

by Lee Porter 27. September 2009 00:04

Video OverviewMyWebWorkplace is scheduled to be generally available for December 2009.

In order to give you a better idea of its scope and direction we have a brief but informative video overview:


MyWebWorkplace Overview (5 mins)
Absence Management (7 mins)

Better teamwork, less paperwork

by Lee Porter 7. September 2009 09:43

Integrated Project Systems is about to release a new on-demand service to help organisations of all sizes manage their business procedures.

The online system, MyWebWorkplace, will ultimately be an unrivaled group of modules, each focused on one specific area of business.  The first release will incorporate Absence Management and subsequent versions will include Project Management, HR, time sheets, Expense Reporting, Document Management and personnel training to name but a few.

Each module will be a versatile, standalone product,  built to manage all aspects of the area concerned.  For instance, our absence management module will calculate annual leave entitlement, multiple calenders, leave rules, line manager approval, sickness management and much more.

Multiple modules, however will take advantage of the smart underlying data structure and module will share relevant information between them.  For instance, when requesting leave the line manager will be able to see projects that are effected, absences will be automatically recorded on the time sheets, expenses and documents can be saved against projects and training courses recorded against employees training history. 

MyWebWorkplace has been built on a strong foundation.  Security and availability have been paramount concerns during these early stages of development but we have draw from years of experience delivering many process management systems for all types of companies to bring you a system that you can rely upon.

We never release beta software to the market and consequently many companies have already showed an interest in the first release.  If you too would like to be notified when we make MyWebWorkplace available please send an email to

MyWebWorkplace will be available at the beginning of December 2009.  As always we'll keep you posted.

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