Antiquated Business Processes to Powerful Online Systems

by Lee Porter 4. June 2009 16:44

We understand that complicated, fallible processes evolve as business models develop and flourish.  This often puts unnecessary pressure on employees and management alike.

The most common complications stems from the use of spreadsheets to record and report on your business activities across many areas by many individuals.  While these are relatively simple to setup they quickly get overtly complex (with external relationships to other spreadsheets and ever more complicated calculations) and can not check the information being inputted for accuracy and integrity.

This is the point at which we can apply our considerable wealth of experience to resolve the problem. We will build and implement smart online data capture and reporting systems to replace inadequate and antiquated processes.  Data input will be validated; dates can be checked for inconsistencies, values can be approved, changes can be properly authorised. The resultant good data can be formatted into any preferred type such as PDF, XLS or XML etc and drawn off as required or automatically as a predefined snapshot.

Your procedures will be unique but our experience will put us in the best position possible to assist you, as we have with hundreds of other organisations. To discuss your particular needs please contact Nick Lovelock on 0844 736 1820.


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