Better teamwork, less paperwork

by Lee Porter 7. September 2009 09:43

Integrated Project Systems is about to release a new on-demand service to help organisations of all sizes manage their business procedures.

The online system, MyWebWorkplace, will ultimately be an unrivaled group of modules, each focused on one specific area of business.  The first release will incorporate Absence Management and subsequent versions will include Project Management, HR, time sheets, Expense Reporting, Document Management and personnel training to name but a few.

Each module will be a versatile, standalone product,  built to manage all aspects of the area concerned.  For instance, our absence management module will calculate annual leave entitlement, multiple calenders, leave rules, line manager approval, sickness management and much more.

Multiple modules, however will take advantage of the smart underlying data structure and module will share relevant information between them.  For instance, when requesting leave the line manager will be able to see projects that are effected, absences will be automatically recorded on the time sheets, expenses and documents can be saved against projects and training courses recorded against employees training history. 

MyWebWorkplace has been built on a strong foundation.  Security and availability have been paramount concerns during these early stages of development but we have draw from years of experience delivering many process management systems for all types of companies to bring you a system that you can rely upon.

We never release beta software to the market and consequently many companies have already showed an interest in the first release.  If you too would like to be notified when we make MyWebWorkplace available please send an email to

MyWebWorkplace will be available at the beginning of December 2009.  As always we'll keep you posted.

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