New features

by Lee Porter 22. January 2010 15:24

We have been busy working on new features for absence management, many of which have been suggested by our clients.

  1. Postpone delivery of welcome emails to new users: Being able to delay the sending of the welcome emails enables new clients to setup their system before allowing their staff to access it.  It also allows new employees in the future to be added to the system prior to the new employees email account being setup. Admin > Settings > Delayed Emails
  2. We have added more countries and their calendars to MyWebWorkplace, enabling access from 67 different countries. Admin > Settings >Lookup tables > Country codes
  3. We have added controls to manage each country’s time zones. Admin > Settings >Lookup tables > Time zones
  4. We have extended the life of the verification email sent to new employees from 3 to 28 days
  5. We have simplified the first login process for new employees
  6. We have added a new help facility directly to the system.  Once logged in, anyone can use it by going to HELP > Ask for help
  7. Help can also be requested by emailing
  8. A message can be displayed to all users as they log in by going to Admin > Settings

We will continue to strive to make even better.  If you know any businesses that would benefit from MyWebWorkplace please tell them about us.

Thank you for your support and suggestions.


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