New features

by Lee Porter 23. March 2010 10:52

Another busy month working on new features for, many of which have been suggested by our clients.

  1. Specific Absence Types can be switched on and off to allow your employees to book to them
  2. New absence types (with associated rules) are available and include appointments and offsite working
  3. New rules available: minimum duration of absence request for a particular absence type (e.g. 0.5 days)
  4. New rules available: Maximum duration of absence request in the leave year (e.g 8 off site working days, 1 birthday)
  5. Bulk approval of leave requests that have not conflicted with any leave rules
  6. All employees who leave your employment will continue to be available in People > Leavers
  7. Better control of entitlement adjustments in People > employee name > Leave years, including summary of change in hours
  8. If a request becomes unable to be approved (due to a rule conflict) after it has been submitted for approval, the manager can now reject it but not approve it
  9. People > employee name > Holiday/leave now shows both current leave (i.e. in the future or outstanding) and completed leave (i.e. in the past or canceled/rejected/withdrawn)
  10. To use the 'Remember me for a day' feature on the login page, add as a shortcut or bookmark, and use this to navigate back to the site.  Do not logout or go to as this will fry the security cookie that keeps you logged in.  If you need to login, MyWebWorkplace will take you to the login page automatically
  11. Mandatory Leave can now be added after the leave year has been created (NOTE: any new Mandatory days added must not be immediately next to an existing one)
  12. New Reports section on the left hand menu: initial reports are included in people and Holiday/leave.  More reports to come.
  13. New Directory section on the left hand menu: Company locations can be added in Admin > Locations/Contacts and then assigned to each employee in People > employee name > Edit > Work location.  Employee Company Phone and Mobile contact information can also be added here.  The directory is fully searchable by name, group and location
  14. Minor bug fixes

We will continue to strive to make even better.  If you know any businesses that would benefit from MyWebWorkplace please tell them about us.

Thank you for your support and suggestions.

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