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by Lee Porter 5. May 2011 10:48

We have many years’ experience developing smart and reliable online business applications to undertake critical and non-core business activities. MyWebWorkplace is the culmination of that focused effort to create a broadly available system to manage many aspects of a business' core and non-core efforts.'s scope is to include many business modules, each of which are available independently of one another to allow our clients to choose and pay for just those areas that will make a significant impact on their business efficiency. Our software is designed specifically to streamline their business procedures, improve accuracy across their company, reduce time wasting and implement their company policy fairly across their entire workforce. Employees of our clients have found our software to deliver a more open communication between them and their line manager and the managers have been able to make quicker and better decisions that directly affect their business. HR have found their ability to properly manage complex business areas now takes a great deal less time and they are better informed of problem areas and are able to take a more informed action when necessary.

Our clients come from all sectors and industries and range from 5 employees to 2000+. Our intelligent and versatile software is built to manage all types of business with a variety of options and settings in place to fit neatly into their business and adapt to their needs.

Typical partners include accountants, business associations, employment law specialists, Human Resource agents, Project Management teams & social media advocates. Primarily, service companies that provide an annual or 'if required' service can also offer our system, amongst your existing services, under your own brand that is visible to all your clients and their employees on a daily basis.

Your MWWP Partner portal gives your complete control over your clients using and your dedicated branded signup page allows for quick and simple setup of a new client. We will provide any initial and on-going support.

We also offer significant discounts on our already generous pricing structure (per employee/year) and give you complete control of your final cost to your clients through your partner portal (from free i.e. built in to your annual service costs, to an increase on our RRP).

To summarise, we are an experienced team of developers of a broad variety of online business software who have developed an enterprise grade, core and non-core business application for small to medium sized businesses. As a partner your brand can be seen by all your clients’ employees on a daily basis even if your current service only reaches 1 or 2 employees at the moment, perhaps on an annual frequency. Our software could be used to encourage contract renewal and to differentiate between you and your competitors. It could also provide you with an additional revenue stream.

Call Lee Porter on 0844 736 1820 ext. 3 to discuss partnering with We look forward to speaking with you.

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