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by Lee Porter 8. June 2011 11:49

We are very please to announce the release of our most significant update to MyWebWorkplace yet.  It is especially important as it represents the transition from a comprehensive business absence management system to a multi-modular business management system (sometimes known also as a business automation system).  The priority in this release was to add the beginnings of an HR system but also to add more control and flexibility to our users access and permissions.  This will become increasingly more important as we add more business modules.

Here is a summary of our recent developments.

Client Site



  1. New module: HR Lite - FREE WITH OUR EXISTING ABSENCE MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE - employee personal information collection such as home address & next of kin etc.
  2. Audit trail (log of changes to the employees personal information)
  3. System functionality can be switch on and off (individual unused elements of each business module)
  4. All menus are now database driven to allow for a finer control of access (who you are, what you do, where you are in the company and your relationships all determine what you can see and do in MyWebWorkplace)
  5. Menus are amalgamated to allow for more business modules
  6. More Control on permissions/access
    1. User Group/department relationships e.g. group deputy
    2. User functional roles e.g. Holiday Admin/Sickness Admin
    3. User relationships e.g. line manager/assistant
  7. User Company roles e.g. Fire Warden/First Aider (Searchable in the Directory)
  8. Better access to more online help available

Absence module

  1. User alerted when leave request is left in draft (draft requests are visible to client admins
  2. Automatic update of future mandatory leave when employees change their calendar and/or work pattern and/or working day information


  1. Small Bug fixes
  2. Improved site appearance
  3. Social Network Integration
  4. Rearranged/renamed fields for a more logical user experience
  5. Clearer presentation of information
  6. Fixed grammatical errors
  7. Broader browser and OS combination testing

Partner site

  1. Improved client information to partners in the partner portal

As always, thank you to our valued clients for their welcome feedback and be assured of our continued focus on providing you with the best.

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