Work Patterns and Calendars and how they work together

by Lee Porter 24. July 2012 20:49

When you first setup a calendar, you have to say which days are worked in your business.  In order to not restrict yourself in the future you could click all days (Monday to Sunday) and simply let the Work Patterns manage which days and hours are worked by an employee. 

If you select Monday to Friday in the calendar and then find you want an employee to work over a week end on the same calendar, the calendar working week will override the work pattern. 

In this situation you could just add a new calendar where the work days are the same as the weekend workers work pattern.

So to sum up you can either have a calendar that fits all employees by making all days work days or have a Monday - Friday calendar, Saturday - Sunday Calendar and a All Week Calendar. 

The benefit for specifying the days off in the calendar is that they are highlighted to the employee and the manager to help choose days in the future.

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