Training Management

by Lee Porter 28. August 2012 22:23

Our Training Module allows you to do a number of different tasks relating to the recording and managing of your staffs Skills, Training and Accreditations (STA).

At the very basic level, you can simply register a list of skills and then link them to your employees to assist you in managing your companies’ needs for a locating a specific skill set.

You can then widen the STA’s to include physical Training courses and Accreditations both internal and externally delivered.

Your staff can record their Continued Professional Development (CPD) attendance to events and training sessions and record the number of hours gained throughout the year.

Users may "request" training against existing STA’s or capture the training needs highlighted from Injuries/Incidents/Performance Reviews/etc.  This allows the tracking of STA requirements, for instance is there enough need to get a course booked.  Then the request can be updated with what is happening such as postponed, being arranged or scheduled.

One of the STA types is the Criminal Records Bureau Check (CRB).  This allows you to record who has it, when it was granted and when it expires.

All STA’s can have a valid duration which, when an STA is given a "Valid To" date, you can determine if it is still current. When it expires (or is due to expire), you simply start another STA record for the employee, and when it is approved/validated/granted set another "valid to" date.  You now have an audit trail of who was current with what training at any specific point in time. You can also see who is due to expire in the next 8 weeks or who has expired and may need training to be rearranged.

This validity period is particularly useful for permit which is a another type of STA.  Any STA, but most likely a Permit can be flagged as a Work Document, where the STA is of significant importance, or where the employee can not carry out their job with out it.  In these cases when the STA starts to expire it is much more prominent to draw attention with the inclusion of emails and dedicated pages.

STAs can know which STA follows when the first expires in order to keep on a development plan or to meet refresher requirements.

Some STA's may be flagged as mandatory for every company employee such as new starter induction training, Health & Safety, new products etc.  You can clearly see who has had it and who doesn’t and start their request for that training.

In addition, you can define specific job titles to have one or more training requirements.  These can also be marked as mandatory or not. You can then see the skills gap based on your employee’s own skill set and the job training/skill requirements.

Sometimes an STA may be comprised of a number of course modules or individual elements such as theory and practical.

There is planned functionality coming that assists with the arrangement and booking of courses and linking the attendees from their requests.  This will be useful if you want to keep track of the schedule and running of course events.

The attendee functionality can be widened to include your training to your own clients (they will need to exist in the contacts module).  Their exam scores and feedback can be kept as part of their training record.

The amount of information you need to include on the STAs is up to you.  This gives you the flexibility of storing a skill that might only include a title of 'MS PowerPoint Expert' alongside an Accreditation which might include things like expiry dates, qualifications gained, follow on courses and the training provider details.

Please let us know if you feel that there is anything we have missed and if it is a good idea, we will always see if we can add it.

How to get started with Training?

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