Auto Save option on Appraisal forms

by Lee Porter 11. April 2019 11:01
Appraisals can be lengthy forms to complete and take considerable thought and concentration.  The last thing you want to happen is losing any carefully constructed answers due to a poor internet connection or lack of battery power in your laptop.  With the new auto save option you can take your time completing your appraisal knowing that CompanyControls is regularly saving the document.

New Job profile/description

by Lee Porter 11. April 2019 10:42

The Job Profile/Description is available to store with the Job Title (Admin > Settings > Lookup Tables > User > Job).

The Job profile is shown on the employees People page and their My details page. 

The Job title and description can be inserted into an employees performance appraisal by using the tags #JOB_TITLE# and #JOB_PROFILE# in the Display Text of any component.

Appraisal Guides

by Lee Porter 18. September 2013 19:13

Our appraisal module allows you to transfer your current appraisals (annual, 360, and other evaluation forms) to our software.  To do that you are going to need these guides:

EW Assist Guide - Appraisals - Components.pdf (477.97 kb)

EW Assist Guide - Appraisals for Admins.pdf (769.46 kb)

EW Assist Guide - Appraisals for Users.pdf (654.29 kb)

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