The renaming ceremony

by Lee Porter 7. March 2012 16:24
Once there was MyWebWorkplace.  A serious piece of online business software with a dedicated team pouring years of focused experience into it.  Now there's CompanyControls; just as serious with the same team of dedicated individuals. New Features

by Lee Porter 10. December 2011 15:52

Our Absence Management module has had another very important feature added and that is the Injury Register.

The Injury Register stores information about
  • General non reportable Injuries
  • UK HSE Injuries
  • UK HSE Dangerous Occurrences

The information that can be stored is as follows

  • Who was injured and how OR what is Dangerous Occurrence information
  • Who witnessed it or was otherwise involved
  • What controls were in place or factors contributing to it
  • Submission recording for reportable Injuries
  • Resulting action(s) from the findings of the Injury and have they been done
  • Capture Cost/Time associated with the Injury at all levels
  • Lessons learnt after the event

Currently the UK HSE (Health and Safety Executive) online forms are only entered into online pages, have to be done in one session and can not be temporary saved.

They need to be printed out and this does not allow you to record/review/share/search that data. Nor does it allow you to check or confirm what you are entering with others before it is submitted. Nor does it let you add external information such as actions about any Injury or Dangerous Occurrences, track the action implementation (or lack thereof), capture witnesses, record lessons learnt or to track costs/times. Our injury functionality does allow you to capture and record all of this data to ensure this information is readily available to all staff to reduce further injuries, and ensure a safer and healthy workforce! New features

by Lee Porter 2. August 2011 17:45

This month's efforts have been on building a clever company wide contact list. Initially to be able to associate an injury with an external company's employee but could also be used to store ALL your contacts in one tidy and secure place. This has lead us to include a thorough, searchable contact management system that will be used in future business modules as well.

Company Contact List

Often company addresses and contact details are stored in spreadsheets and personal email software which are hard to share and become out of date or versions become out of sync with each other.  MyWebWorkplace's contact list allows your important contacts to be stored centrally.  The contact list is fully searchable by any user ensuring a contact name or number is never hard to find.

Although fields such as company name, address, phone and many other common choices are already available, any other field of your choosing can be added to suit your needs. This might include a credit limit, their carbon rating or even whether they are on your Christmas card list! [More]

Sensitive Information Protected

MyWebWorkplace holds all types of information to help your business to run more smoothly.  Some of this information is mundane and some is shared within the company.  Other information is, however, private or sensitive and because of this we have added an additional level of security to deter prying eyes on an unmanned, logged in PC.

If you have permission and want to view a page that holds sensitive information you will have to unlock the extra security before viewing the page.  You can remove the lock for a period of time and lock it again once you have finished so as not to interupt your legitimate browsing and leave MyWebWorkplace open in the knowledge that private information is perfectly safe.

No Waiting

We host MyWebWorkplace on our own dedicated servers to ensure the fastest and most reliable service possible.  Although this is obvious when you use MyWebWorkplace there is always a small delay when you click to see the next page/record as the request flys up to our servers and the data is returned.  While this might be only a few seconds, it can add up and we felt it goes against MyWebWorkplace's afforts to help streamline and speed up your business.

 Now, when browsing pages that run into multiple pages it takes no time to flick through and find what you're looking for, no time at all.

MyWebWorkplace Security

by Lee Porter 22. June 2011 10:09

We understand the importance of security when using a system like MyWebWorkplace, particularly when you consider the broad nature of the information we hold on your business and its people.  This is especially important when you consider the large, and supposedly, secure companies that have had their data stolen in the past few months.  We have specialist network and web security knowledge in house.  MyWebWorkplace employs a number of security features:

  • MyWebWorkplace is not a high profile site
  • Hardware firewalls, software firewalls and IPSec rules are in place
  • The ports are locked down to specific IP addresses apart from HTTP/HTTPS (80/443)
  • Very restricted access to a small selection of ports by IP
  • Dedicated server - Not on a shared box like a lot of other systems
  • All current patching is automatically applied to OS and MS components,
  • All OS user passwords are complex,
  • The data base requires passwords (complex)
  • Webserver runs HTTPS (2048 bit)
  • Locked down OS and unused services stopped
  • Each login creates a unique one time value for an encrypted cookie and expires after 24 hours which has a corresponding value in the DB (You can't fake the cookie).
  • The logins should be secure with lockouts after 3 failures and forcing the user to use 8 character upper/lower and numeric passwords (complex)
  • Each internal screen requires the user to be authenticated or else redirects to the login page
  • Trapping for SQL injection
  • Java Scripting injection causes an error
  • Compartmentalised access - each client stored in a single, dedicated DB not a shared DB model
  • Monitored 24/7/365 for out of norm values (high CPU / response time etc)
  • In the past, similar systems created by Us have been checked and passed by a reputable security firm

We also employ other security measures to prevent or trap would be hackers that shall remain undocumented. New features

by Lee Porter 8. June 2011 11:49

We are very please to announce the release of our most significant update to MyWebWorkplace yet.  It is especially important as it represents the transition from a comprehensive business absence management system to a multi-modular business management system (sometimes known also as a business automation system).  The priority in this release was to add the beginnings of an HR system but also to add more control and flexibility to our users access and permissions.  This will become increasingly more important as we add more business modules.

Here is a summary of our recent developments.

Client Site



  1. New module: HR Lite - FREE WITH OUR EXISTING ABSENCE MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE - employee personal information collection such as home address & next of kin etc.
  2. Audit trail (log of changes to the employees personal information)
  3. System functionality can be switch on and off (individual unused elements of each business module)
  4. All menus are now database driven to allow for a finer control of access (who you are, what you do, where you are in the company and your relationships all determine what you can see and do in MyWebWorkplace)
  5. Menus are amalgamated to allow for more business modules
  6. More Control on permissions/access
    1. User Group/department relationships e.g. group deputy
    2. User functional roles e.g. Holiday Admin/Sickness Admin
    3. User relationships e.g. line manager/assistant
  7. User Company roles e.g. Fire Warden/First Aider (Searchable in the Directory)
  8. Better access to more online help available

Absence module

  1. User alerted when leave request is left in draft (draft requests are visible to client admins
  2. Automatic update of future mandatory leave when employees change their calendar and/or work pattern and/or working day information


  1. Small Bug fixes
  2. Improved site appearance
  3. Social Network Integration
  4. Rearranged/renamed fields for a more logical user experience
  5. Clearer presentation of information
  6. Fixed grammatical errors
  7. Broader browser and OS combination testing

Partner site

  1. Improved client information to partners in the partner portal

As always, thank you to our valued clients for their welcome feedback and be assured of our continued focus on providing you with the best.

MyWebWorkplace Facebook page

by Lee Porter 17. May 2011 14:06

MyWebWorkplace has a Facebook page!

Why don't you take a look here and give us a 'like'.

Partner/Reseller benefits

by Lee Porter 5. May 2011 10:48

We have many years’ experience developing smart and reliable online business applications to undertake critical and non-core business activities. MyWebWorkplace is the culmination of that focused effort to create a broadly available system to manage many aspects of a business' core and non-core efforts.'s scope is to include many business modules, each of which are available independently of one another to allow our clients to choose and pay for just those areas that will make a significant impact on their business efficiency. Our software is designed specifically to streamline their business procedures, improve accuracy across their company, reduce time wasting and implement their company policy fairly across their entire workforce. Employees of our clients have found our software to deliver a more open communication between them and their line manager and the managers have been able to make quicker and better decisions that directly affect their business. HR have found their ability to properly manage complex business areas now takes a great deal less time and they are better informed of problem areas and are able to take a more informed action when necessary.

Our clients come from all sectors and industries and range from 5 employees to 2000+. Our intelligent and versatile software is built to manage all types of business with a variety of options and settings in place to fit neatly into their business and adapt to their needs.

Typical partners include accountants, business associations, employment law specialists, Human Resource agents, Project Management teams & social media advocates. Primarily, service companies that provide an annual or 'if required' service can also offer our system, amongst your existing services, under your own brand that is visible to all your clients and their employees on a daily basis.

Your MWWP Partner portal gives your complete control over your clients using and your dedicated branded signup page allows for quick and simple setup of a new client. We will provide any initial and on-going support.

We also offer significant discounts on our already generous pricing structure (per employee/year) and give you complete control of your final cost to your clients through your partner portal (from free i.e. built in to your annual service costs, to an increase on our RRP).

To summarise, we are an experienced team of developers of a broad variety of online business software who have developed an enterprise grade, core and non-core business application for small to medium sized businesses. As a partner your brand can be seen by all your clients’ employees on a daily basis even if your current service only reaches 1 or 2 employees at the moment, perhaps on an annual frequency. Our software could be used to encourage contract renewal and to differentiate between you and your competitors. It could also provide you with an additional revenue stream.

Call Lee Porter on 0844 736 1820 ext. 3 to discuss partnering with We look forward to speaking with you.

Zendesk support

by Lee Porter 14. April 2011 20:00

We have chosen Zendesk to provide our Knowledge Base and ticketing system to help support MyWebWorkplace.  With such a system in place, our support agents can provide the first class support that our clients have come to expect.

How MWWP manages additional entitlement after a certain length of service?

by Lee Porter 14. April 2011 19:54
Take a look at for the answer

Do you need MyWebWorkplace?

by Lee Porter 26. November 2010 14:58

If you employ a number of staff on a permanent or part time basis, in one or many locations/countries and they accrue a holiday allowance that they can use by requesting time off from their line manager or HR then MyWebWorkplace would streamline this entire area for you ensuring secure, accurate and most importantly consistant leav and sickness records. 

The approver makes their decision based on your company policy whether or not it can be approved and once approved get recorded on to the leave calender.  You may also allow the basic holiday allowance to increase depending on length of service, have any number of policies that are checked before approval or ultiple locations each with different approvers and policies to implement.  MyWebWorkplace can manage all this and far more.  Contact us to discuss your needs.

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