Fixed days of leave

by Lee Porter 21. February 2019 16:06
A significant change has been made to keep the leave and leave years in days the same even after a change to the employees Working day figure. The Working day found on the employees work/edit page is used to determine how many hours are to be booked (on their work pattern) before a 'day' of leave is counted e.g. 7 hours. In the past when you changed the working day to fit a new work pattern it would change the days calculation and an adjustment had to be made to the leave year to reflect this. Now when a leave request is made for, for instance 2 days and 16 hrs it will always be 2 days and 16 hrs even after changing the working day from 8 hrs to 7 hrs. The recommended approach is to update the employees working day to match the new work pattern, at the same time as the employees work pattern is updated.

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