Getting started check list

by Lee Porter 24. July 2012 20:51

Follow the steps in the attachment below to get your EW Account setup quickly and efficiently

Why are we are not receiving the welcome emails?

by Lee Porter 24. July 2012 20:50

The most obvious reason is that you have delayed the welcome emails from being sent straight away.  In this case they will be kept until you send them manually at Admin > Settings > Email (dropdown) > delayed emails.  Check the emails in the bottom list that you want to send and click submit.  This will send them into the middle section where you will need to check the send option and click submit.  This will send the chosen emails to their destination.

Alternatively the emails we are sending to you may be being caught in a spam filter.  Add our domain - to your safe/white lists.

Dispersed leave & sickness records

by Lee Porter 24. July 2012 20:50

The software can keep all your employees leave and sickness records centrally but still maintain local or departmental controls such as approvals and sickness related events such as return to work interviews.  Alternatively overall management can be controlled centrally, for instance by HR but allow department heads to have a view of their direct reports.

With company approved absence rules properly implemented, company policy on leave and sickness can be implemented regardless of who is approving the leave and managing the sickness.  This doesn't detract from the control given to the approver but gives that person better access to clearer information regarding that request.  Absence rules are always applied ensuring better compliance, fairly applied across your company.

Work Patterns and Calendars and how they work together

by Lee Porter 24. July 2012 20:49

When you first setup a calendar, you have to say which days are worked in your business.  In order to not restrict yourself in the future you could click all days (Monday to Sunday) and simply let the Work Patterns manage which days and hours are worked by an employee. 

If you select Monday to Friday in the calendar and then find you want an employee to work over a week end on the same calendar, the calendar working week will override the work pattern. 

In this situation you could just add a new calendar where the work days are the same as the weekend workers work pattern.

So to sum up you can either have a calendar that fits all employees by making all days work days or have a Monday - Friday calendar, Saturday - Sunday Calendar and a All Week Calendar. 

The benefit for specifying the days off in the calendar is that they are highlighted to the employee and the manager to help choose days in the future.

Things to consider when bulk importing your employees.

by Lee Porter 24. July 2012 20:46

When bulk importing your employees the following information is variable on the spreadsheet:

  • Forename
  • Middle initial
  • Surname
  • Email
  • User Type (Full/part time)
  • Site Role (User, Manager, Client Admin)
  • Home Group*
  • Job Type*
  • Employee ID
  • Employee Start date
  • Length of working day (what is considered 1 day?  Usually 7.5 or 8 hrs)
  • Leave in Days (Entitlement allowance)

*Choice of any that have been added to the software already

Bold are mandatory fields.  All other fields can either be left blank or will be populated from information in Core Defaults

Other information is used in Admin > Settings > Core defaults to complete the information for each bulk imported employee.  If this information is not the same for all the employees being imported then they should be split into separate imports and the Core Default information should be changed between imports.  The information used from the Core Default is:

  • Area Assigned
  • Work Pattern
  • Leave starts on
  • Leave year starts
  • Annual Increments
  • Mandatory Holiday
  • Working year (Calendar)

And these are used if there are blanks in the bulk import file

  • User Type
  • Site role
  • Home group
  • Length of working day
  • Leave in days


Bulk import summary

If Mandatory fields are left blank for some of the employees and the employee can not be imported, the software will import the ones that are complete and highlight the employees that could be imported.  It will also explain why the employee couldn't be imported.


Why would I want to exclude someone from a rule?

by Lee Porter 24. July 2012 20:44
Absence rule exclusionWhat circumstances would this be useful? A common example of this being used would be for an manager and their assistant.  If these two employees are added to an absence rule to not be away together but the manager is added to the exclusion list, the software will not allow the assistant to be away when the manager is away, but would allow the manager away if their assistant is away.

The rule is highlighted as exluded in the leave request and in My details > Leave (dropdown menu) > Applicable rules.

I don't want my employees booking small amounts of leave

by Lee Porter 24. July 2012 20:43

This is a job for the absence rules.

Minimum annual leave days requestedOne of the rules (found in Admin > System Functionality (dropdown menu) > Leave > Absence Rules) is called 'Minimum requested leave days' for annual leave.  In here you can specify the smallest annual leave request that is acceptable to your company, for example 0.5 days.

Ensure that 'Used' is set to true and click Submit.  From now on any leave request less that 0.5 will conflict against this rule.

I don't want to book a whole days leaves, how do I do that?

by Lee Porter 24. July 2012 20:40
Change DurationRequest the days leave as usual and then while the leave request is still in Draft click on the 'Change' link next to the Duration of the leave.  (You can also come down the page a little bit to 'Leave Request Days and click the 'Change Leave Days' button).

On the new page that opens you will see your working day is split onto 2 periods, morning and afternoon. 


If you want to take leave in the afternoon only just change the morning period (i.e. period 1 start and end) to 00:00.  REMEMBER: you want to leave the time in for the period you want to take leave for. 

If you want to book an hour in the morning change the afternoon period (i.e. period 2 start and end) to 00:00 and change the period 1 end to 10:00.

I have assumed a fairly common work pattern above of 09:00 - 17:30 with a lunch break between 13:00 - 14:00 but the same principle applies to all part day requests.

How to videos for CompanyControls

by Lee Porter 21. March 2012 12:05

Zendesk support

by Lee Porter 14. April 2011 20:00

We have chosen Zendesk to provide our Knowledge Base and ticketing system to help support MyWebWorkplace.  With such a system in place, our support agents can provide the first class support that our clients have come to expect.

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