Things to consider when bulk importing your employees.

by Lee Porter 24. July 2012 20:46

When bulk importing your employees the following information is variable on the spreadsheet:

  • Forename
  • Middle initial
  • Surname
  • Email
  • User Type (Full/part time)
  • Site Role (User, Manager, Client Admin)
  • Home Group*
  • Job Type*
  • Employee ID
  • Employee Start date
  • Length of working day (what is considered 1 day?  Usually 7.5 or 8 hrs)
  • Leave in Days (Entitlement allowance)

*Choice of any that have been added to the software already

Bold are mandatory fields.  All other fields can either be left blank or will be populated from information in Core Defaults

Other information is used in Admin > Settings > Core defaults to complete the information for each bulk imported employee.  If this information is not the same for all the employees being imported then they should be split into separate imports and the Core Default information should be changed between imports.  The information used from the Core Default is:

  • Area Assigned
  • Work Pattern
  • Leave starts on
  • Leave year starts
  • Annual Increments
  • Mandatory Holiday
  • Working year (Calendar)

And these are used if there are blanks in the bulk import file

  • User Type
  • Site role
  • Home group
  • Length of working day
  • Leave in days


Bulk import summary

If Mandatory fields are left blank for some of the employees and the employee can not be imported, the software will import the ones that are complete and highlight the employees that could be imported.  It will also explain why the employee couldn't be imported.


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