EW Assist

Setup forms

Complete and return one of the following to

EWA Setup.xlsx (379.76 kb)

EWA Setup (Short).xls (2.15 mb) - much shorter and therefore quicker to complete (20 minutes) but will not capture any information for leave management. However all other modules will be usable.

MWWP_Bulk_Absence_v1_20111222.xls (128.00 kb) - Historical Sickness & Leave information

MWWP_Bulk_Absence_v1_EXAMPLE.xls (129.50 kb)  - Example of completed Leave & Sickness Information 

MWWP_Bulk_HRLite_v1_20121217.xls (18.50 kb) - Personnel Information


General Guides


EW Assist Getting Started.pdf (465.02 kb)

EW Assist User Guide.pdf (1.27 mb)

EWAssist_Checklist.pdf (350.93 kb)


Module Guides


EW Assist Guide - Leave.pdf (285.45 kb)

EW Assist Guide - Sickness.pdf (533.61 kb)

EW Assist Guide - HR Lite.pdf (460.75 kb)

EW Assist Guide - Directory.pdf (314.89 kb)

EW Assist Guide - Contacts.pdf (344.33 kb

EW Assist Guide - ToDo.pdf (356.16 kb)

EW Assist Guide - Skills users (Training).pdf (310.80 kb)

EW Assist Guide - Skills (Training).pdf (603.46 kb)

EW Assist Guide - In Out.pdf (389.78 kb)

EW Assist Guide - HR enhanced - Equality.pdf (398.87 kb)

EW Assist Guide - Appraisals for Users.pdf (654.29 kb)

EW Assist Guide - Appraisals for Admins.pdf (769.46 kb)

EW Assist Guide - Appraisals - Components.pdf (477.97 kb)


CompanyControls Guides


Getting Started.pdf (490.40 kb)

User Guide.pdf (1.22 mb)

CompanyControls_Checklist.pdf (355.72 kb) Partner Guide.pdf (1.0 Mb)

2014-08-CompanyControls Setup.xls (2.17 mb)


One page user guides (Simple and straight forward)


logging in for the first time.pdf (299.96 kb) 

Requesting leave.pdf (237.31 kb)

Approving leave.pdf (321.04 kb)

Reporting in sick.pdf (322.14 kb)

Recording an injury.pdf (176.18 kb)

Updating personal information.pdf (264.65 kb)


Time and attendance Guides


EW Assist Punch clock Guidance notes.pdf (165.31 kb)

View of RFID punch clock (33.38 kb)


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