Better teamwork, less paperwork

by Lee Porter 7. September 2009 09:43

Integrated Project Systems is about to release a new on-demand service to help organisations of all sizes manage their business procedures.

The online system, MyWebWorkplace, will ultimately be an unrivaled group of modules, each focused on one specific area of business.  The first release will incorporate Absence Management and subsequent versions will include Project Management, HR, time sheets, Expense Reporting, Document Management and personnel training to name but a few.

Each module will be a versatile, standalone product,  built to manage all aspects of the area concerned.  For instance, our absence management module will calculate annual leave entitlement, multiple calenders, leave rules, line manager approval, sickness management and much more.

Multiple modules, however will take advantage of the smart underlying data structure and module will share relevant information between them.  For instance, when requesting leave the line manager will be able to see projects that are effected, absences will be automatically recorded on the time sheets, expenses and documents can be saved against projects and training courses recorded against employees training history. 

MyWebWorkplace has been built on a strong foundation.  Security and availability have been paramount concerns during these early stages of development but we have draw from years of experience delivering many process management systems for all types of companies to bring you a system that you can rely upon.

We never release beta software to the market and consequently many companies have already showed an interest in the first release.  If you too would like to be notified when we make MyWebWorkplace available please send an email to

MyWebWorkplace will be available at the beginning of December 2009.  As always we'll keep you posted.

Who am I and what do I do?

by Lee Porter 2. June 2009 16:18
Lee Porter

I'm Lee Porter.  I'm involved in raising the awareness of Programme Office Toolkit (POTv3) to the wider world, particularly to larger corporations and dedicated PMOs.  POT has been in development since 1993 in one form or another but has reach a threshold that deserves a larger audience.  It's power and versatility as an Online Project Management solution makes it a sensible alternative to the current plethora of solutions.

My role at IPS is to improve your understanding of IPS and its software. I'll be maintaining this blog (with the help of Nick Lovelock) and various other social and business networks.  I'll also be looking at ways we can create and maintain a publicly available demo site for POT that clearly shows its best of breed status.  Other than that, there will be plenty of good training videos and guides coming your way and rather a lot more besides. 

If that wasn't enough we are at the crest of a new product launch which is set to be very interesting indeed.  Our newest online solution is intended for small to medium sized companies looking for a software solution to help manage all aspects of their business from Project management to expenses, from absence management to intranets, from document management to Employee reviews. The first release is coming soon and you'll read about it here first.  Subsequent releases will include additional modules and the modules will be inter-dependent (useful, for example, when submitting expenses - they can be filed in the document management system automatically.)

If you would like to discuss any of the above, you can always call me on +44 (0)844 736 1820.

Integrated Project Systems Blog

by Nick 7. May 2009 10:45
Nick Lovelock

Hello, I'm Nick Lovelock. I'm Managing Director at IPS Ltd.

It has been decided for me that I should write an occasional blog about topical issues related to Project Management, the challenges faced by Project teams (with some solutions!) and about whatever else springs to mind. I hope to present an interesting (sometimes controversial) point of view.

I'll try to answer any questions in an honest and open manner, and I encourage you to post frank comments and to engage in polite debate.

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