Working day/Work pattern changes

by Lee Porter 17. February 2023 10:01
The Working day is used to calculate how many hours constitude a day of leave or sickness.  This is closely tied to the work pattern in use by an employee.  As such we have moved the Working day setting to the work pattern pages.  Now when you add a new work pattern, you will also set its Working day and it will calculate how many days of leave will be booked for each day.  This will provide clearer information from setup and ensure that the Working Day and Work Pattern remain accurate.

Personal documents expiration

by Lee Porter 17. November 2022 22:53
Employees personal documents now have an expiry date and will alert via a report when the expiration date is in the near future and flag when in the past.  This will be useful to replace or review some documents that have a shelf life or to trigger another related action.  The expiry date can be updated or removed altogether if it is no longer needed.

COVID-19 - Sickness with no Bradford Factor impact

by Lee Porter 18. March 2020 10:53

In light of the current situation, we have added the option to set a sickness type so that it doesn't impact of your staffs Bradford Factor scores. Sickness types can be managed, and new ones added at Admin > System Functionality > Sickness > Sickness Types. We suggest you add new sickness types to include Covid-19 Self Isolation and Covid-19 Household Isolation. You should find the option to record a sickness without it impacting on the Bradford Factor useful in other circumstances as well.

We sincerely hope that you, your loved ones and your businesses are not severely affected by the coronavirus. Our thoughts are with you.


New Next of Kin report

by Lee Porter 2. August 2019 16:15
A new report is availale to see all Next of kin information in your system which is found at Reports > People > people (dropdown) > Listed - NOK details

Auto Save option on Appraisal forms

by Lee Porter 11. April 2019 11:01
Appraisals can be lengthy forms to complete and take considerable thought and concentration.  The last thing you want to happen is losing any carefully constructed answers due to a poor internet connection or lack of battery power in your laptop.  With the new auto save option you can take your time completing your appraisal knowing that CompanyControls is regularly saving the document.

New Sickness Alert

by Lee Porter 11. April 2019 10:57

Sickness Alerts have previously been based around the employees Bradford Factor Score and Milton Mitigation (a similar scoring system to the Bradford Factor but calculated on the hours of sick rather than the Days of sick - allowing for part time variations).

We have now added an alert for a number of incidents of sick within a number of months e.g. 4 incidents in 6 months. There are two of these alerts available which will allow you to have two alert thresholds e.g. 3 in 3 months and 6 in 12 months.

New Job profile/description

by Lee Porter 11. April 2019 10:42

The Job Profile/Description is available to store with the Job Title (Admin > Settings > Lookup Tables > User > Job).

The Job profile is shown on the employees People page and their My details page. 

The Job title and description can be inserted into an employees performance appraisal by using the tags #JOB_TITLE# and #JOB_PROFILE# in the Display Text of any component.

Sponsoring St Finians Football team

by Lee Porter 20. March 2019 10:17

CompanyControls is very proud to be sponsoring St Finian's Primary School Football team.  We hope to see them continue to be dominant on the football pitch while looking smart in their new kit.  Be great and have fun! 

Ad hoc Lists of employees

by Lee Porter 3. March 2019 17:38
A new type of Group has been added called Lists. This will let you create ad hoc lists of unrelated employees. There are many ways this can benefit your business, such as More...

Leave is in days OR hours

by Lee Porter 21. February 2019 16:08
You can now choose to show leave in either days or hours or both to your staff

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