New Sickness Alert

by Lee Porter 11. April 2019 10:57

Sickness Alerts have previously been based around the employees Bradford Factor Score and Milton Mitigation (a similar scoring system to the Bradford Factor but calculated on the hours of sick rather than the Days of sick - allowing for part time variations).

We have now added an alert for a number of incidents of sick within a number of months e.g. 4 incidents in 6 months. There are two of these alerts available which will allow you to have two alert thresholds e.g. 3 in 3 months and 6 in 12 months.

Client feedback and testers wanted for MyWebWorkplace

by Lee Porter 12. May 2011 17:02

We are looking for some companies who are prepared to be the first to receive MyWebWorkplace updates and periodically give us a some honest feedback. In return we'll give you MyWebWorkplace for FREE.

We're looking for a small selection of companies that have between 10 and 100 employees. If you currently fill out a form to request leave and give it to your boss or HR then this'll be good for you. Setup is quick and painless and once you're up and running everyone will wonder how they managed before. Please help us spread the word.

Send me an email if you're interested to

How MWWP manages additional entitlement after a certain length of service?

by Lee Porter 14. April 2011 19:54
Take a look at for the answer

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