Base Leave Entitlement Vs Leave Years

by Lee Porter 28. January 2014 22:26

The base leave entitlement is recorded for an employee at People > Employee name > Person (dropdown) > Work and at the bottom of the page is the field for the Base Leave Entitlement.

add) OR just add an adjustment to bring it in line with the Base leave entitlement.  To Recreate the leave year for someone go to People > Employee name > Leave (dropdown) > leave Years > 2014 and either add an adjustment or just tick the Recreate checkbox and click the Recreate Button. NOTE: You should recreate a leave year after updating the Base Leave Entitlement otherwise the newly added leave year will be added with the same base leave entitlement figure as it was previously.

To recap the Base leave entitlement field just keeps a record of the employees first year entitlement.  This figure should be without any adjustments for the new starter deductions (as the software will do this automatically). When the first and subsiquent Leave Years are created it will look to the Base entitlement to find how much to add. 

Changes to a particular year can be done to the leave year with an adjustment. 

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