New Features

by Lee Porter 10. December 2011 15:52

Our Absence Management module has had another very important feature added and that is the Injury Register.

The Injury Register stores information about
  • General non reportable Injuries
  • UK HSE Injuries
  • UK HSE Dangerous Occurrences

The information that can be stored is as follows

  • Who was injured and how OR what is Dangerous Occurrence information
  • Who witnessed it or was otherwise involved
  • What controls were in place or factors contributing to it
  • Submission recording for reportable Injuries
  • Resulting action(s) from the findings of the Injury and have they been done
  • Capture Cost/Time associated with the Injury at all levels
  • Lessons learnt after the event

Currently the UK HSE (Health and Safety Executive) online forms are only entered into online pages, have to be done in one session and can not be temporary saved.

They need to be printed out and this does not allow you to record/review/share/search that data. Nor does it allow you to check or confirm what you are entering with others before it is submitted. Nor does it let you add external information such as actions about any Injury or Dangerous Occurrences, track the action implementation (or lack thereof), capture witnesses, record lessons learnt or to track costs/times. Our injury functionality does allow you to capture and record all of this data to ensure this information is readily available to all staff to reduce further injuries, and ensure a safer and healthy workforce!

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