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by Lee Porter 2. August 2011 17:45

This month's efforts have been on building a clever company wide contact list. Initially to be able to associate an injury with an external company's employee but could also be used to store ALL your contacts in one tidy and secure place. This has lead us to include a thorough, searchable contact management system that will be used in future business modules as well.

Company Contact List

Often company addresses and contact details are stored in spreadsheets and personal email software which are hard to share and become out of date or versions become out of sync with each other.  MyWebWorkplace's contact list allows your important contacts to be stored centrally.  The contact list is fully searchable by any user ensuring a contact name or number is never hard to find.

Although fields such as company name, address, phone and many other common choices are already available, any other field of your choosing can be added to suit your needs. This might include a credit limit, their carbon rating or even whether they are on your Christmas card list! [More]

Sensitive Information Protected

MyWebWorkplace holds all types of information to help your business to run more smoothly.  Some of this information is mundane and some is shared within the company.  Other information is, however, private or sensitive and because of this we have added an additional level of security to deter prying eyes on an unmanned, logged in PC.

If you have permission and want to view a page that holds sensitive information you will have to unlock the extra security before viewing the page.  You can remove the lock for a period of time and lock it again once you have finished so as not to interupt your legitimate browsing and leave MyWebWorkplace open in the knowledge that private information is perfectly safe.

No Waiting

We host MyWebWorkplace on our own dedicated servers to ensure the fastest and most reliable service possible.  Although this is obvious when you use MyWebWorkplace there is always a small delay when you click to see the next page/record as the request flys up to our servers and the data is returned.  While this might be only a few seconds, it can add up and we felt it goes against MyWebWorkplace's afforts to help streamline and speed up your business.

 Now, when browsing pages that run into multiple pages it takes no time to flick through and find what you're looking for, no time at all.

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