by Lee Porter 21. December 2009 14:10 is built with the same exacting [some might say fanatical] attention to detail as any other software we develop. 

We make no functional distinction between and the software we design for a large Plc's or multi-national's.  It has always been our intention to create a high spec, low cost business process automation software for any company and now we are!

We don't take this task lightly.  We maintain the highest levels of security both in our business procedures and in our code and ensure that our software is delivered using the most appropriately specified servers.  In the case of MyWebWorkplace that means servers which, by our calculations will be wholly capable of delivering many 10's of 000's of clients.  Each client has their own backend database (where most of the processing goes on), so if necessary we could move databases across to other servers to balance the load. We have a dedicated team of enthusiastic professionals focused on building and delivering goal is to provide businesses from all disciplines in all countries, with a superior, versatile, reliable and professional online tool to help them manage their business better...and it has started with leave and sickness management.

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