Base Leave Entitlement Vs Leave Years

by Lee Porter 28. January 2014 22:26

The base leave entitlement is recorded for an employee at People > Employee name > Person (dropdown) > Work and at the bottom of the page is the field for the Base Leave Entitlement.

add) OR just add an adjustment to bring it in line with the Base leave entitlement.  To Recreate the leave year for someone go to People > Employee name > Leave (dropdown) > leave Years > 2014 and either add an adjustment or just tick the Recreate checkbox and click the Recreate Button. NOTE: You should recreate a leave year after updating the Base Leave Entitlement otherwise the newly added leave year will be added with the same base leave entitlement figure as it was previously.

To recap the Base leave entitlement field just keeps a record of the employees first year entitlement.  This figure should be without any adjustments for the new starter deductions (as the software will do this automatically). When the first and subsiquent Leave Years are created it will look to the Base entitlement to find how much to add. 

Changes to a particular year can be done to the leave year with an adjustment. 

Default information for a new employee

by Lee Porter 23. January 2014 09:37

When you add a new employee at People > Add the form doesn't ask all the questions it could (e.g. whats the calendar, work pattern, phone numbers etc) and instead sets some of this info as it is instructed by the information at Admin > Settings > Your Defaults. 

If this info is going to be wrong (i.e. your adding a Ireland based employee and your default calendar is set as UK) then you will need to edit the employee slightly immediately after adding them (e.g. People > Employee name >  Person > Work).  Its good policy to check the details anyway even if you don't expect there to be any changes.

Once you are happy with their details you can release their Welcome Email at Admin > Settings > Email > Welcome Email. 

Leave Types

by Lee Porter 7. January 2014 11:51
You can add other types of leave (such as appointments, study leave) by going to Admin > System Functionality > Leave > Absence Types.  Here you will notice that some are enabled while others are not.  Just click on the type you want to allow and enable it .  It will then be selectable when employees are requesting leave.

A new leave year for 2014

by Lee Porter 2. January 2014 10:40

NOTE:  This applies to companies with a leave year from Jan to Dec although the actions apply to all companies through the year.

CompanyControls/EW Assist will roll over to the new year only when a leave request is booked for each employee.  Until then the previous leave year will be shown.

However as we are now in the new leave year you can override this and force EW Assist to roll over to 2014 for everyone at the same time by going to Admin > System Functionality (dropdown) > Leave > Leave Cycles (dropdown) > Bulk Process Adjustments (This Year).  This will create a new leave year for 2014 (if one hasn't already been created) and carry over any available entitlement from 2013 based on the 'Max Carry Fwd leave' field at Admin > Settings > Your Defaults (at the bottom of the page).

Staff turnover reasons and reports

by Lee Porter 18. July 2013 20:38

Knowing the rate of your turnover is just half the story.  Combine this information with why and you have a useful collection of information to help reduce the costly bleed of knowledge and replacement costs.

Your reasons can be broken into 2 categories.  The first is prepopulatd with Involuntary, Voluntary and unknown.  The 2nd can be used to capture your choice of common reasons for leaving your employment, some good examples being New job, Health reasons and Competency Issues.  There is also a free text area to collect more information if needed.  These reasons are managed by going to Admin > Settings > Lookup Tables > User > Reasons for leaving and Reasons for leaving detail respectively.

Now when you make an employee a leaver by going to People > Employee name > Person (dropdown) > Remove you will also be able to capture the reason why they have left.

The Starter/Leaver report in Reports > People > People (dropdown) > Starters/Leavers let you examine this information is detail.

Colour change to leave types

by Lee Porter 27. June 2013 12:37

In the calendars you will now see that Annual leave is marked in blue and all other leave types such as training, working from home etc is Red.

The calendars are found by going to Groups (My details > Groups) > Leave > Calendar > Year | Quarter | Month.  Calendars are also available in Areas and its here that gives the best high level view.

Better control of job titles

by Lee Porter 13. June 2013 11:16
You can now see the list of job titles by going to Admin > Settings > Lookup tables > User > Jobs or click:

The by clicking detail against the job title will open the edit page for that job.  The lists below show who has this job title linked to them.  There are two ways to link an employee to a job title.  The first is the main, default jpob title for that employee (changed on the people > persons > work page) and the second way is to link it via a Group.  Both ways are listed below.  You can move these people to other jobs.

If necessary you can make the job title un-live if it is not needed any more.

Swipe card added to the in/out module

by Lee Porter 7. May 2013 22:23

A hardware punch/swipe unit compliments the in/out module by providing a remote, computer-less way of tracking time and attendance.  This allows for more accurate time keeping and makes it possible for non office based staff to punch in and out effortlessly.  The new wireless hardware can use a number of registration methods such as swipe cards, RFID Tags and biometric scanners.

A series of reports make use of the punch data to highlight lateness, standard hours worked, overtime and flexitime.

Future planned software upgrades for this hardware will allow other tasks to be completed on the touch screen such as booking leave etc.

Simplified Sickness

by Lee Porter 29. April 2013 13:42

Following on from our clients feedback we have simplified the management process of recording sickness.  Now the status of the sickness follows the next step in the process (depending on your compamys settings) and will direct you to that stage when the link on the Absence Ref is clicked.  No more need to remember the ref number and go first to Actions > Sickness (although you can if you wish).

Salary review

by Lee Porter 29. April 2013 13:40
Capture your staffs salary review with report to follow set dates.

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